2BR suite type spacious
atelier-like space

  • Room area: 91.58㎡
  • Capacity 4 (*5)
  • Artists: Taisuke Abe, Izuru Aminaka, Yozo Fujita, Wakako Sakamoto
  • 2 bedrooms (Bed Room1: twin beds / Bed Room2: bunk bed) + workspace

With the option of renting a folding bed (+4,950 yen (tax included)), the maximum number of guests can be accommodated up to 5.

This is the most spacious room in the hotel, allowing four artists to enjoy their work. Spacious living room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom with a bathtub. This room is recommended for families or for productions that require a large space. The spacious private terrace can be used not only for relaxing and taking in the view, but also for dining, exercising, creating, or any other purpose. This space can be used together with your children.

A room with a work booth
that allows you to
through time" in Beppu

  • Room area: 40.45㎡
  • Capacity: 2
  • Artist: Yozo Fujita
  • Twin Bedroom + Work Booth

This room exhibits photographs by Yozo Fujita, a photographer who has been photographing Beppu for many years, and allows you to "travel back and forth through the layers of time" in Beppu through his work. We hope that guests will be able to experience Beppu with a greater sense of time by overlapping the scenes from their actual tours of the city with the memories etched in the photographs. Private work booths are available, making it easy to hold remote meetings and concentrate on your work. This room is available for use with children.

Semi-suite room with
spacious workspace
earthen floor

  • Room area 44.75㎡
  • Capacity: 2
  • Artist: Taisuke Abe
  • Twin bedroom + workspace

This room allows you to enjoy the works of Taisuke Abe, who has a studio in Oita City. Paintings are displayed on the walls, and three-dimensional sculptures made from old clothes and offcuts are also on display. If you go out to the town with "Ofukuro-san", you may have a mysterious encounter. Entering from the entrance, guests will first see a spacious earthen floor workspace. This workspace can be used for desk work, production work, or as a mini-gallery. (*If you wish to use it as a gallery, please call us when you make a reservation.) Further in is a twin-bedded room with a terrace. This room is available for use with children.

2BR suite with spacious
terrace and workspace

  • Room area 69.34㎡
  • Capacity 4(※5)
  • Artist: Wakako Sakamoto
  • Twin bedroom (Bed Room 1: twin beds / Bed Room 2: bunk bed) + workspace

If you use a sofa bed with the rental option of a futon set (+3,300 yen), the room can accommodate up to 5 people.

This room displays wall art by Wakako Sakamoto, a ceramic artist who has her studio on the 1st floor of the hotel and Kitsuki City. The artwork was created in the hotel, and guests can feel the quiet energy that springs from Beppu, which heals people and brings together people from all walks of life.
This room has a workspace suitable for various types of work and production. The largest private terrace in the hotel is available for guests to relax and enjoy the view, eat, exercise, create, or do other activities.

Room with a work desk that
expands the sensitivity to

  • Room area 34.55㎡
  • Capacity 2
  • Artist / Olectronica
  • Twin bedroom with work desk

Olectronica is a two-person art unit that creates works in a studio that utilizes a former elementary school gymnasium in Asaji, Bungo Ono City. In the HAJIMARI LOUNGE on the first floor of the hotel, they exhibit art that inherits the memory of the original space through the materials that made up the space before the renovation, but they have infused a new "light" into this space that originally contained them, making the space feel like something else after the demolition. The work desk is also their work. Why not spend a special time with Olectronica's work, which is imbued with an air of serenity?

Semi-suite room with spacious

  • Room area 37.39㎡
  • Capacity 2
  • Artist: Izuru Aminaka
  • Twin beds + workspace

This room displays the works of illustrator Izuru Aminaka, who is based within walking distance of the hotel. Her works were created in this room. We hope guests will have a healing time surrounded by the warm colors depicted by her. This room is a universal room with no steps, easy access for wheelchair users, and an electric bed.

Common facilities in all guest rooms
・Bluetooth radio cassette player (DOSHISHA SCR-B7)
・Tableware (Wakako Sakamoto created tableware with the image of each room)
・Original letter set (produced by Minori Kai, illustrated by Izuru Aminaka)
・Kitchen (cooking utensils, basic seasonings)
・Microwave oven
・Washing machine, folding drying rack
・Shower booth (only room 3A has a bathtub)
・Shampoo, conditioner, body soap (M mark by Matsuyama )
・Hair dryer
・Onsen set (washbowl and shampoo, conditioner, and body soap that can be brought to a local public onsen)
・Bath towels and face towels
・Electrical outlets
Free rental equipment
・Iron and ironing board
・Vacuum cleaner
・Blankets (available from 9:00 to 21:30)
Equipment for rent
・Gauze room gowns (available from 9:00 to 21:30)