The ground floor, a two-storey atrium space in a former warehouse, is a place for relaxation and socialising. Enjoy the art on display, books from the library and music. It can also be used as a coffee shop and co-working space. Talk events, exhibitions and the 'ARTIST BAR' are held regularly. We hope that the unexpected encounters will be a place where new inspirations are born.


Open for a coffee shop that blends in with the life of the town. Based on the idea that cooking local ingredients is also, broadly speaking, architecture, it selects carefully selected ingredients provided by Chiiki producers and delivers food and drinks that gently work the body.Soups for Touji, supervised by Culinary Department member Maki Watanabe, and baked goods from Umi to Tikan are offered.Please enjoy the seasonally changing menu.

Culinary supervisor | Maki Watanabe
She has introduced recipes that are close to seasonal ingredients and home cooking in magazines, books and on TV. In addition to recipe books, she also holds online cooking classes. Her speciality is cooking that is in tune with today's times while preserving good old traditions.

Opening hours.
Mon, Thu, Sun 11:00-17:30 (L.O. 17:00)
Fri & Sat 11:00-20:00 (L.O.19:30)
Closed: Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Opening hours are subject to change.

HAJIMARI DESK [Check In / Check Out]

HAJIMARI DESK is equipped with a system that allows guests to check in and check out using a tablet. This also facilitates the smooth issuance of room smart lock numbers. During check-in core hours (15:00-18:00), staff will assist you in operating the system.

Books and Music
Books and Music

The bookshelves are lined with books selected by the artists and creators involved in the hotel's creation. Relaxing music has been selected under the theme of "soak in music like you soak in hot water. Guests can choose their favorite cassette tapes from our cassette tape library and enjoy them in their rooms.

Sales Coner
Sales Coner

This section sells goods by artists and creators associated with the hotel.

slow food YAMAGA

This organic grocery store opened in the spring of 2023 in a corner of the Kanda Rakuichi supermarket in Yamaka-cho, Kitsuki City. This store has a satellite store in HAJIMARI Beppu. Under the theme of "from the field to the table," the store selects foodstuffs and organic products made by local producers, pesticide-free and additive-free products that are kind to the body.

Events / Gallery
Events / Gallery

The space will also be developed as an alternative space that regularly holds live talk events and exhibitions, and aims to become a center for the dissemination of local culture.