Let's immerse ourselves
in the town as
if we were
soaking in onsen

There is much more attraction to Beppu than just its hot springs. It is a very attractive city with alleys that remind us of the time before the war, hospitable people who have historically embraced diversity, many famous stores, and lots of artists and foreigners living here. We offer rooms where guests can stay as if they were living, working and creating. We will tell guests about Beppu, a city full of charm that only the locals know, and let them spend their time enjoying the city as one of its residents.

Introduction to the town and the “town hot-spring cure”.

The hotel will give you the best information about the town.
In your room, you will find our special booklet "Hajimari", which provides detailed information on how to use the public hot springs, hot spring information and information on the area around our hotel and Beppu. The hotel also recommends a 'Machi Touji' (bathing in the town as you would soak in hot spring water), and has prepared an original map of the Machi Touji route, which includes not only the hot springs, but also restaurants, shops, art, architecture and alleyways, as well as other spots we recommend. We will introduce you to the spots we recommend using our original map "HAJIMARI MAP" (web and print media). If you wish, our staff will also be happy to guide you directly. (Available from 10:00-18:00).
What is Machi Touji: A modern style of hot-spring cure recommended by HAJIMARI Beppu. It is a way of spending time that combines the experience of soaking in the town's hot springs like the locals, wandering around the town, experiencing the sea, mountains and natural scenery, and maintaining your body.