This is a pottery and baked goods store based on the concept of "wonderful things we want to deliver beyond the sea and beyond time. The shop is run by Wakako Sakamoto who is a pottery, representative of Wakako Ceramics and owner of the hotel. UMITOJIKAN also sell selected sundries and Japanese black teas. There is also a pottery workshop where you can try your hand at pottery making.

Ceramics goods and baked goods store / Pottery Studio
Opening Hours:10:00~17:00(regularly closed on Wednesday)

Pottery and sweets

This store is like a small treasure chest of teas and other wonderful goods selected by Wakako Sakamoto. It has wonderful goods that have existed for a long time, goods that have been carefully produced by human hands, goods that have crossed oceans or exceeded time, and goods that we hope will be cherished by someone for a long time to come.